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How Does the Process Work?​

1.) Let's Be Friends

Schedule your complimentary consultation and we'll schedule a phone call or video chat where I get to know more about the two of you and we'll discuss your vision, scheduling, location options, and questions you have.

2.) Make it Official!

Once you've chosen a date and have a general idea for the "where", you'll just need to sign our contract, pay the retainer, and we'll be all set - let the planning begin! 

3.) Nailing Down the Details

I'll send a questionnaire for the two of you to go over that will help me scout out the best locations for your wedding destination. I'll also help you find vendor recommendations if necessary, plus research permits and laws to make sure we're doing things the right way. From there you'll take the reins and make the reservations for yourselves and your guests, with the vendors (florist, officiant, dinner), and file the paperwork for permits. I handle any and all travel for myself, unless there's any crazy rides we'll be taking as a part of your adventure (off-roading, helicopter rides, boat rides, etc.) And if there's anything you have questions about or need help deciding I'm here for it all!

4.) Get Married!

It's here! Whether it's a 3 am wakeup and walk to your destination by headlamp before sunrise, or a sunset ceremony with the alpenglow sky in the background, I'll be there documenting your day from start to finish. The day is totally up to you, so if you'd like me to meet you at your hotel room beforehand for preparation shots I'll be there, or I can just meet you on-location. After the sun has gone down and the portraits are over, often guests will have me follow them to dinner to document a little cake cutting, speeches (if there are guests), and then part ways at that point. Or if you just want to go back to your accommodations, that's ok too! The day is yours and I'll never pressure you to do more or less than you want.

What if we're awkward and not the greatest at taking pictures?​

SAME - I'm terrible at faking happy for my own pictures. The photo on the main page shows my messy hair blowing in the wind, a hairband on my wrist (because I'm nothing without a pony), my sunglasses on my head (their usual spot because they're basically my headband), and whatever presentable shirt was easiest to grab from the suitcase in the back of the Jeep, and it works (for me) because it's real and candid. That's my goal for all of my couples. This is about having fun, documenting your experience, and capturing real memories for you to look back on forever. I promise - you can be an amazing subject in front of the camera when you're not trying!

What do we do for 8 hours during an elopement??

Don't worry, it's not 8 hours straight of pictures! Again - I'm there from beginning to end, starting with detail shots and getting dressed, the driving, hiking, walking, ATVing, and eating in between, your ceremony, some champagne poppin', some exploring, maybe dinner or post-wedding celebrations, aaaand some time for pictures in between all of that.  This day is just as important as a traditional wedding day, and there's just as much to do, it's just way more laid back without structure. 

How far in advance should we expect to book?

6-10 months in advance is ideal, but if you're feeling spontaneous and are thinking more like 3 weeks we might be able to make things work! Again - no structure, so you can make anything work​ if you want it bad enough! As long as we can get the permits and permission in enough time, you're good to go! 

What should we wear?

You can wear a $35 white convertible dress from Amazon, or you can wear a $4k a-line with layers and layers of tulle, perfect for twirling. Guys - you can wear a full-on tuxedo or a pair of khakis with a button-up and suspenders. You're going to look amazing in anything you wear that day because it's what you want. After you choose a destination I will send you a list of items to bring that will help you dress comfortably for the day, and any other items that might be helpful to have. For example, when planning a winter wedding outdoors, fleece leggings are the perfect bottom layer for under your dress. And If the adventure you're planning is a long-distance walk/hike then it's perfectly fine if you wear your comfy clothes until we make it to the perfect spot. The most important thing is that you pick a good, comfy pair shoes. But if you reeeally are loving a pair of heels then you better have those stuffed in your backpack too! Just remember - there's a really good chance you will get dirtyBut dirty dress photos are sometimes the best ones from the day because they represent all of the fun that was had! 


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