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    Details Month - Delicious Desserts

    Pittsburgh Wedding Cakes

    Details month continues, and this time we're looking at all of the delectable desserts that the couples served up in 2019! We saw so many diverse cake designs, flavors, ingredients, styles, and cake toppers. Plus, a donut wall - definitely a favorite this year! Read on below to see all of the wonderful Pittsburgh and Spokane bakeries behind the desserts.

    Bre & Kyle Zboran

    Oakmont Bakery - Oakmont, PA

    Notes: I loved that they ordered a variety of cupcake flavors for their guests to choose from!

    Brittany & Coty Vincenti

    Bethel Bakery - Bethel Park, PA

    Notes: After the cake was cut, 4 flavors of cupcakes were set out for guests to enjoy through the night! Also, how cute was the penguin cake topper??

    Sara & George Bergamasco

    Grandma's Country Oven Bake Shoppe - Jeanette, PA

    Notes: The piped icing on this cake was so intricate and beautifully done!

    Melissa & Ben Mader

    Bethel Bakery - Bethel Park, PA

    Notes: The textured icing and fresh floral details were beautiful touches!

    Hannah & Mike Bradburn

    Bethel Bakery - Bethel Park, PA

    Notes: I loved the custom cake topper that featured the couples' pupper!

    Ciera & Justin

    Bethel Bakery - Bethel Park, PA

    Notes: The paper flowers were made from comic books, which went beautifully with the superhero theme!

    Tania & John Rodgers

    Moio's Italian Pastry Shop - Monroeville

    Notes: This beautiful (and very large!) cake has many different textures, and the icing flowers were very well crafted!

    Alicia & Andy Riegner

    Dunkin' Donuts

    Notes: This was more like a donut buffet! These donuts were ordered from Dunkin' Donuts and then displayed by family/friends for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. Cake was not missed on this night.

    Paula & Steven Gamberoni

    Notes: The couple had their own personal cake and then guests were treated to a variety of cupcake flavors

    Sarah & Alex Dietz

    The Ultimate Pastry Shop - Sewickley

    Notes: This birch tree and nature-inspired cake was topped with a custom cake topper featuring their loving dog.

    Kathleen & Alex Pawlikowski

    Bethel Bakery - Bethel Park, PA

    Notes: The piping on this was very beautifully done, and I loved the wine & pint glass cake topper!

    Malyn & Jordan Hart

    Notes: Another birch tree inspired cake, but with alternating layers, and the cake was placed on a slice of wood and surrounded by baby's breath.

    Tanya & Phil Nine

    Prantl's Bakery - Greensburg, PA

    Notes: Almond torte cakes are my absolute favorite so I was suuuper excited when I saw this cake! They decorated it with sola wood flowers.

    Shannon & Mark O'Black

    Signature Desserts - Pittsburgh, PA

    Notes: In addition to slices of cake, guests were treated to a variety of other pastries, like cupcakes and mini pies!

    Liz & Matt

    Grandma's Country Oven Bake Shoppe - Jeannette, PA

    Notes: Definitely one of my favorite cake toppers ever!

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