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New Full-Planning Elopement Package - Why It Could Be Perfect For You!

Updated: Jun 25

Wild North Weddings and Wynn Events have paired up to create the Ultimate Elopement Package for couples looking for a unique and adventurous experience on their wedding day!

As a photographer who specializes in documenting elopements, I've also taken on the task of guiding couples through the process of planning their wedding day. Eloping isn't what it once was - It's no longer just sneaking off to the courthouse or Vegas for a quick ceremony and moving along with the day. The new meaning of elopements is choosing to get married in an amazing destination, sharing fun experiences together, spending as much quality time with your partner as you can, and being fully present with each other for a truly loving and romantic experience. Couples are also investing big wedding budgets into a better experience for the two of them (and their small group of guests when desired). So picture your $20k wedding budget going towards things like a giant treehouse in the forest and river tubing down the Colorado River, an Italian villa with wine tasting and a private chef, a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier in Alaska, a private beach ceremony at sunset with a tropical floral installation and picnic dinner under the stars.

And while I'm way more than just a photographer to my couples, there is a limit to what I'm able to help my couples with in preparation for the day and on the day of. With my basic elopement packages, in addition to my photography services, I offer:

  • Location Scouting - I do research and present you with options to choose from that will fit exactly what you're looking for on your wedding day. I'll also help you find the perfect trails, great photo spots, and a beautiful location for you to say your vows.

  • Help with permits - I'll find and share any information that you need to get married on public lands, including permits and fees.

  • Vendor Recommendations - I'll share vendors with great reviews who do beautiful work and service the area that you're getting married.

  • Activity Recommendations - For a full day elopement, you might want something fun to do in addition to getting married and celebrating! So I'll send you location-specific activities and any guides or services who can help make that happen (think helicopter ride, kayaking, off-road Jeep tours...)

  • Timeline Planning - we'll create a loose timeline allowing you to be flexible with your plans but giving you an idea for how the day will flow.

This works great for a lot of my elopement clients who love the idea of a more casual, laid back experience! But I've found some couples really love the idea of a more "luxury" experience but don't want the stress of planning and executing it all themselves. They're looking for:

  • A ceremony in a picturesque location with a stunning floral display and seating for their guests, but without having to worry about who's setting it up/tearing it down, how, and if they're following park guidelines.

  • A private chef or catered dinner for them and their guests without having to worry about delivery, who's picking things up, who's letting people into the Airbnb, who's tearing it all down later, etc.

  • Someone to help them find a giant beach house or cabin in the woods that has all of the specifications they need to entertain and accommodate their guests or someone to help find a unique hotel and reserve the hotel block for their guests

  • An intimate picnic with a giant blanket, pillows, candles, champagne, flowers, and a giant charcuterie board set up for the two of them to share a beautiful moment, just the two of them, looking out into the sunset.

  • Someone to put together a list of all of the coolest pubs to party hop to after dinner in a small European town and coordinate a ride home after

  • A wedding day in a country that they've never been to, but they also need someone to help explain cultural and wedding customs, bridge the language barrier, and help overcome any other challenges that come with planning an elopement internationally.

So to help close the gap between what I'm able to offer and what my couples really need to make it the low-stress experience they deserve, I've collaborated with Rebecca Frankel from Wynn Events to help create the Ultimate Elopement Package! Rebecca has been planning and managing events for 6 years, and having worked together for most of that time, I've seen her overcome some pretty crazy challenges. She's one of the most hard-working individuals in the industry, and I'm so proud to be partnering with her on this exciting new package!

So let's talk about what this package entails...

Location Scouting & Research

Vendor Recommendations & Management Day-of

Ceremony and Post-wedding Celebration Design Consultation

Customized Timeline Building

Accommodation Research & Recommendations

Full Elopement Setup & Tear Down

Activity Recommendations & Management

Dinner Reservations or Catering Setup

Assistance with Permits

Up to 8 Hours of Photography Coverage by Carly

High-res Image Files, Online Gallery, and Print Release

Travel for Carly & Rebecca to be on-location

Complimentary Officiant Service (we're both ordained!)

Your wedding day doesn't have to be "simple" and you don't have to take on all of the tasks of making it special on your own! If you're excited about what we have to offer here and all of the possibilities there are to making your wedding day a totally unique and memorable adventure, fill out the contact form on the bottom of any page of this site and we'll be happy to answer questions or setup a phone or video consultation to talk more.

And as always, packages and pricing are available online!

Follow us online for more wedding ideas and inspiration!

Wedding and Elopement Photographer and Planners helping to create amazing elopement experiences for couples across the U.S. including Colorado (Aspen, Vail, Boulder, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Rock Mountain National Park, Idaho Springs) Utah (Moab, Arches National Park, Zion National Park, Sundance, Park City, Salt Lake City), Nevada (Las Vegas, Valley of Fire National Park), Arizona (Including Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Saguaro National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Powell) The PNW (Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, North Cascades, Crater Lake,) California (Red Woods National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree) and more!


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