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Elopement Photographer

US Elopement and Destination Wedding Photographer

Hi! I'm Carly

Your photographer, adventure bestie, elopement planning guide, wedding therapist, and so much more! 

And of course, the girl behind Wild North Weddings! Talking about ourselves feels weird, but as a business owner, I think it’s great for potential clients to see the real person that they’re putting so much trust in to document their wedding day. While many companies outsource their work and hire other people to answer their emails, edit, and even photograph weddings, I'm the person you'll be working with every step of the way! And I put every ounce of energy into making sure that you have a great experience every step along the way. 


Art has been the one constant in my life, and while I’ve always enjoyed its many forms, photography is the one that I’ve been lucky enough to turn into a career spanning 11 years. I grew up in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania loving the outdoors, so being able to pair that love with photography and creating art is something I’m grateful for every day! And I'm more than happy to be sharing my passion, knowledge, and experience to help document your life’s greatest adventure.

Why Adventure Weddings?  When I started out as a photographer, I wanted nothing to do with weddings because it was scary being responsible for something so important! But the first time I second shot for another photographer at a wedding, I realized how fun and exciting it really was! After years of photographing big weddings though, I realized one thing that made me not-so-happy, and that's that my couples really weren't having the best day. Not that it's not an enjoyable day, but big weddings cause stress, disappointment in others, and pressure to conform to a wedding template instead of allowing couples to be unique and creative. Most importantly - couples really don't get to spend much time together! So after years of photographing couples who told me "I wish we would have just eloped" I decided to focus my energy on helping couples create an amazing, adventurous wedding where they could be fully present with each other and truly have the best day ever. 

Washington - Rattlesnake Lake - Elopement Photographer

So while my main job is being your photographer, my top priority is making sure that your wedding experience is the best time of your life! 

I believe in great communication, making wedding days easier for couples (not more stressful), and being a resource to my couples so they’re set for success. I also believe that all genders, skin colors, religions, nationalities, and sexualities deserve life, love, and happiness (ally!) And most importantly for you, I believe in providing couples with timeless photos that withstand trends and truly represent you as a couple.

Some fast facts about me personally - I'm a 35-year-old Scorpio (for my astrology fans) and like many millennials, I've filled my life with pets and house plants. I'm also a co-guardian to my nephew, a 15-year-old, super smart (and super sassy), curly-headed heart-throb who doesn't know it yet, and is my favorite person to go to Disney World with. I'm also on a new journey through homeownership, and currently, I'm putting my energy into turning that home into the perfect combination of Mid-Century Modern and "cozy cottage in the woods" style, so browsing Tiktok for inspo, Facebook's marketplace and antique shops is a new hobby of mine. Along with that, I'm trying my best at gardening, but no guarantees that interest will last! When I edit, I'm either binge-watching a TV series or listening to a crime podcast, so I'm always looking for recommendations in those categories!

Washington - Rattlesnake Lake - Elopement Photographer

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