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Arches National Park - Moab, Utah

Wild North Weddings is helping couples who don't know where to start planning their adventure elopement wedding. We're Pittsburgh Pennsylvania's Best Wedding and Elopement Photographer, photographing weddings across the United States in places like Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, New Orleans, and Las Vegas! 

Isle of Skye - Scotland
Choose a wedding day that focuses on what’s most important...


And what's more important than spending your wedding day having the time of your life with your partner for life? I love elopements because they're an opportunity for you to share experiences together, to be romantic, and to focus on being fully present with that person. Your shared happiness is the top priority on this day, and that's nothing less than what you deserve! 

Top Reasons Couples Elope:

  • They want to invest their time, energy, and money in an amazing experience for themselves.

  • They're adventurous people at heart and want their wedding day to reflect who they are as a couple.

  • Big events and being in the spotlight isn't their vibe.

  • To avoid drama with other people and keep the day focused on what's important.

  • Planning a big wedding sounds like a stressful, daunting task.

If any of those reasons resonated with you, it's time to make the jump and start putting together your best day ever! 

Take the first step - Choose an experienced photographer & guide to help you with the process!

Why Wild North?

There are a million photographers out there, so why choose Wild North Weddings to document your wedding day? 

✓ Experienced in documenting adventure weddings across the US and helping couples create the perfect elopement day 

I've photographed couples from coast to coast, in wild weather conditions and climates, in the most beautiful national parks, and have helped guide my couples through each part of the planning process.  My experience in being an adventure photographer means that I'm prepared for different challenges, can help you overcome yours, and that I'm ready to document the day no matter what! 

✓ Weddings are photographed candidly and thoughtfully with the goal of telling the story of your day!

Your wedding gallery will be a beautiful story you'll reflect on forever. Every emotional, exciting, silly, and "oops!" moment will be included in that tale, from tears of joy to dirty hiking boots. My goal is to capture genuine moments of love and happiness so that your photos show the true nature of your relationship and your personalities shine through. 

Award-Winning service with 5-star reviews and 10 years of experience

Being a great wedding photographer is more than taking pretty pictures! Ensuring that my clients have a great overall experience working with me is a huge priority, which is why I've received those 5-star reviews for a whole decade now, as well as Couples' Choice and The Knot's "Best Of" awards.

✓ Leave No Trace certified

A lot of the adventure wedding experience relies on our country's parks and public lands continuing to allow us to use them for stunning scenery, so I've pledged to follow Leave No Trace principles and will always implement those rules on wedding days as well.  

✓ Inclusive to All!

No matter your identity, sexuality, skin tone, abilities, culture, or religion - You'll only find love, appreciation, and kindness from me! 

Sound like the wedding experience you need to help make your wedding day perfect?
View packages & pricing below and get in touch to talk more about availability and the endless possibilities for your dream elopement!
Oahu, Hawaii

Destination Elopement Packages

Including Photography, Planning, and Officiating

Arches National Park in Moab, Utah - Elopement Photographer


The Ultimate Elopement Experience

This full-planning package is perfect for couples looking for a designer wedding experience with the adventurous and exciting nature of an elopement! Includes:

  Location Scouting & Research

  Vendor Recommendations & Management Day-of

  Ceremony and Post-wedding Celebration Design Consultation

  Customized Timeline Building

  Accommodation Research & Recommendations

  Full Elopement Setup & Tear Down

  Activity Recommendations & Management

  Dinner Reservations or Catering Setup

  Assistance with Permits

  Up to 8 Hours of Photography Coverage by Carly

  High-res Image Files, Online Gallery, and Print Release

  Travel for Carly & Rebecca to be on-location

  Complimentary Officiant Service

International ... beginning at  $8,500

North America / US Territories ... $7,500

Ask about our destination schedule for discounts that may be available where we're traveling!

Arches National Park, UT
Mountains in Glencoe Scotland - Elopement Photographer


Full-Day Elopement

Get ready for a full day of wedding excitement! This package is perfect for couples looking for fun and adventure in addition to the ceremony and celebration. We'll plan other activities, like hiking, off-roading, kayaking,  helicopter rides - the possibilities are endless! And of course, you'll have great photos to tell the story of your day. Your package includes:

  Location Scouting & Research

  Vendor Recommendations

  Customized Timeline Building

  Activity Recommendations

  Assistance with Permits

  Up to 8 Hours of Photography Coverage by Carly

  High-res Image Files, Online Gallery, and Print Release

  All Travel Fees Included

ask about complimentary officiant service!

International ... beginning at  $5000

North America / U.S. Territories ... $4000

Ask about our destination schedule for discounts that may be available where we're traveling!

Glencoe, Scotland
New England Elopement Photographer


Half-Day Elopement

This package works best for couples just looking for a chill wedding day in a beautiful destination. After the wedding day preparations, you'll have a beautiful ceremony and then a fun little adventure where we'll take amazing photos of your journey to remember the day. Your package includes:

  Location Scouting & Research

  Vendor Recommendations

  Customized Timeline Building

  Activity Recommendations

  Assistance with Permits

  Up to 4 Hours of Photography Coverage by Carly

  High-res Image Files, Online Gallery, and Print Release

  All Travel Fees Included

ask about complimentary officiant service!

Anywhere in the Continental U.S. ... $3500

Ask about our destination schedule for discounts that may be available where we're traveling!

Cook Forest State Park
Utimate Elopement

Location Inspiration


How Does the Process Work?​

​1.) Let's Be Friends

Schedule your complimentary consultation and we'll set up a phone call or video chat where I get to know more about the two of you! We'll discuss your vision, scheduling, location ideas, and any questions you have.

2.) Make it Official!

Once you've chosen a date, we'll sign the contract, pay the retainer, and start looking for your perfect destination! 

3.) Nailing Down the Details

I'll send my planning guide loaded with information, how-tos, and helpful tips & tricks! I'll also send a questionnaire for the two of you to go over that will help me scout out the best locations for your wedding destination.  I will research permits & laws to make sure we're doing things the right way, and share vendor recommendations for any other you'd like to hire. You'll book your vendors and fill out the necessary paperwork and permits yourselves, but I'll handle any and all travel for myself, with the exception of on-site excursions. If you want to enjoy any other activities that day, I can help you put those plans into action as well. We'll chat throughout the period before your big day arrives to put together a plan and ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible. 

4.) Get Married!

It's here! All of the plans we put together to make the day an experience to remember will pay off because your best day ever has arrived. It's time to mentally unwind, focus on being fully present with the person you're marrying, and commit yourselves to each other for life. 

What do we do for 8 hours during an elopement?

Don't worry - this definitely isn't a whole day of posing for photos. This is you having the best day ever I'm just there to document it! You'll share new experiences, see new things, get married, and celebrate all within that time. It actually goes by pretty quickly, especially when you're including things like hiking, ATV rides, kayaking, pub hopping, fireside celebrations, helicopter rides, and exploring new locations. 

How far in advance should we expect to book?

I've helped couples plan elopements from 2 years out all the way to 2 weeks out! But most couples book around 6-9 months away from the wedding day so that we have enough time to obtain the necessary permits, score a dress, and find travel accommodations. 

Can we bring our family, friends, or pets?

Absolutely! More often than not, I'm photographing elopements that have a few guests to help share the day with the couple. But my advice - only bring guests with you if that's what YOU want and if they'll contribute to your happiness that day, not take away from it. If you don't think that will be the case, think about including them in other ways! I have plenty of ideas to share that will help them feel included without being physically present.


As far as pets - I love meeting new furry friends! But if you're bringing them along with you on the trails, I ask that they be leashed and recommend having someone else with us that can handle them so it's not something you'll need to worry about when they get tired, bored, or uncomfortable in their environment. 

Does this sound exactly what you're looking for on your wedding day?

Fill out the contact form below and I'll be in touch soon!

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