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Winter Poconos Elopement at Hickory Run State Park

Wedding couple in the boulder field of Hickory Run State Park in the Poconos

Jamie & Trenton's Poconos Elopement

Storytelling is the main focus of my job on wedding days, and Jamie & Trenton's story is one to remember! When we first spoke, they were unsure of where they wanted to get married. They're a couple who loves adventure and the outdoors, so initially we were looking for a great overlook. But when I sent them my location recommendations, the boulder field at Hickory Run State Park caught their eye. As it should! Because it's such a unique geological feature hidden in the middle of the Pocono Mountains with a great story itself.

Hawk Falls

On an overcast and misty day in March 2023, we all met at the parking lot of Hawk Falls. Trenton, Jamie, and Jamie's sister arrived with dogs in tow, ready for our hike that included a mixture of mud and ice through the rhododendrons and tall pines.

Pro Tip: Peep the shoes and the leggings that Jamie wore in that first pic! Keeping your legs warms and wearing shoes suited for the environment will save your day when you're doing a lot of walking in the outdoors.

The falls were a great first stop on their adventure and made a beautiful backdrop for photos of the two of them! This was the first moment they really spent together that day, so it was nice to have it be a smaller crew so they could warm up and talk about their excitement for the rest of their adventure.

elopement couple hiking

elopement couple hiking through the forest

elopement couple's feet walking over rocks

elopement couple kissing in front of a waterfall

elopement couple in front of Hawk Falls in Hickory Run State Park

Elopement couple at Hawk Falls in the Poconos

bride at Hawk Falls

elopement bride

elopement groom

elopement groom at Hawk Falls

bride and maid of honor

bride and maid of honor laughing

elopement couple and their dogs at Hawk Falls in the Poconos

bride pushing grooms hair back

elopement couple kissing

elopement couple in black and white

elopement couple on the trails at Hawk Falls in Hickory Run State Park

elopement couple walking through Hickory Run State Park

elopement couple on a bridge

elopement couple hiking through the trails

Boulder Field

After a bumpy dirt road drive, we arrived at the boulder field where they were greeted by all of their guests, which was a mixture of siblings and friends. They selected such a great group of people to share and celebrate the day with them too - nothing but good vibes, laughter and love from this crew.

We found a spot away from where most park visitors gravitate so that they could have a bit of privacy and quiet, which also required us a bit of a challenge on our feet because walking on these rocks is no joke! This was one of the most challenging ceremonies to photograph because in addition to being inconspicuous and trying to get all of the right angles, you have to try not to fall, get your feet stuck in a crevice, and not break the camera equipment hanging off of your body.

The two of them had a self-uniting ceremony, which is an alternative to the traditional way of having an officiant and is allowed in a select few states - Pennsylvania being one of them. They ran their own ceremony, which included speaking to their guests, reading their vows to one another, and exchanging rings. Then they shared their first kiss as husband & wife and celebrated with the group!

After a few photos with everyone, their guests left for the house to get the evening started while we stayed back for more photos in the park.

elopement couple with guests in a parking lot

elopement couple talking with guests

Elopement couple getting married in the Boulder Field at Hickory Run State park

dog watching elopement

Couple eloping at the Boulder Field in the Pocono Mountains

Groom smiling at bride

groom holding vow book

Couple eloping in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania

Bride and groom getting married in the boulder field of Hickory Run

elopement couple exchanging rings

elopement couple first kiss in the Poconos of Pennsylvania

elopement vow books

Elopement guests post for a picture

Elopement guests in a boulder field

Elopement bride and bridesmaids

Elopement couple walks on rocks in a boulder field

elopement couple in the boulder field at Hickory Run State Park

Wedding couple in the boulder field

elopement couple by a tree in a field of boulders

elopement couple smiling at each other

elopement couple kissing

Elopement couple being romantic

elopement couple smiling and sitting on rocks

bride's hairpiece

bride's bouquet

close up of bride and groom details

bride and groom wearing hiking shoes

bride and groom walking over snowy rocks by pine trees

As I mentioned earlier, these two are avid adventurers who love visiting state and national parks and biking together, so we made sure to implement those things into the day as well! And I love elopements because they allow couples like Jamie & Trenton to incorporate their personalities into the day and be completely unserious when they want to.

bride and groom being silly

bride and groom posing with a state park sign

bride and groom kissing on a bike

bride and groom high-fiving on bikes

bride & groom riding bikes

Jamie & Trenton rented a vacation home for them and all of their guests to stay in around the wedding day where everyone headed afterwards to celebrate. Their friends made charcuterie boards, mixed cocktails for everyone, and created a beautiful space for them to share dinner! They hired a caterer for dinner to be set up on-site, and as they ate, everyone shared toasts and spoke in light of their life experiences with the couple. I can't imagine a better way to end an elopement day than with an intimate evening with all of your closest friends & family coming together to share drinks, food, and good stories.

wedding guests eating charcuterie and hanging out

elopement charcuterie

wedding guest making cocktails

specialty wedding cocktail

elopement dinner table decorated with flowers and candles

elopement dinner centerpieces

bride with dogs

bride hugging dog

bride and groom with drinks and appetizers

groom feeding bride

photo of all of the men at the wedding

bride and groom first dance

groom smiling at bride while dancing

bride and groom laughing and dancing

groom dipping the bride during dance

bride giving a speech

bride and groom doing cheers with guests at dinner

bride and groom laughing during dinner

elopement cake

bride and groom cutting cake

bride and groom with guests and sparklers

wedding guests with sparklers

elopement guests with sparklers

Originally we had planned on ending the evening with their first dance around the campfire, but when they arrived, they saw that the backyard of the house was under construction. But you can't let foiled plans ruin your night! So instead we ended the evening with sparklers and a "pose off" that made an excellent ending to my time with them.

I feel grateful every day that I get to do this as my job - especially on days like this! Congratulations to Jamie & Trenton on a year of marriage, and I hope that your photos continue to help you relive this day for years to come!


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